No Wedding Registry: Why Couples Choose to Donate Instead

Weddings are a time for love, and that includes love for your fellow man. That is why couples sometimes opt to ask wedding guests to make donations to certain charities rather than buy items off of a wedding registry.

Anyone that has ever been to a wedding knows that a couple can amass quite a collection of gifts if the wedding is large enough. However, much of the time, these gifts sit on shelves and in drawers and cabinets and are barely used. A donation to a charity is needed and used right away.

Couples that opt out of a Read the rest of this entry »

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The Changing Status of the American Non-Profit

A non profit organization does not have to deal with the burden of trying to make a profit off of customers. Obviously, that is not the goal of this organization as its name suggests. They are there to do good and/or promote a cause. However, this does not mean that the non-profit does not have to have some cash flow of some variety.

The vast majority of non-profits are reliant on donations made by those who support their mission. Those individuals Read the rest of this entry »

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How Can You Get Cheap Home Insurance?

Although most people do not put too much thought into their home insurance policies, there are actually a number of different ways that people can find cheap policies rather easily. Anyone who is interested in a cheap home insurance policy does not have to look very far these days because there are tons of websites that are dedicated to helping insurance consumers. Whether you need auto insurance, life insurance, medical insurance or home insurance, you can bet that there is a website that will be available to help you make a solid decision. For example, using the insurance calculator at can definitely be helpful when it comes to calculating your likely payments on your home insurance plan. There is no reason to get yourself stuck in a bad policy these days because there are so many different solutions available online.

Insurance Comparison Websites

The best place to shop around for your insurance policy is to use a home insurance comparison website. This type of website will allow you to enter all of your personal information and then get list of different plans to choose from for your home. People use this kind of method for choosing policies for all different kinds of insurance, and home insurance is definitely one of the more popular reasons for using a website like this. Once you are given a list of policy options, you will be able to click on each plan and see which ones fit your specific needs. It is usually better to find options that fit what you need instead of just going with the cheapest plan because different people are going to need different types of plans for their homes.

What if Your Already Have Home Insurance?

If you already have home insurance, then you can still go to a comparison website and see what kind of other offers are on the table. Most home insurance policies renew on a yearly basis, so perhaps you should take a look at everything else that is out there before you renew your insurance next time. It could never hurt to at least check to see what the other insurance companies are offering because you never know when you will be able to save a few extra bucks. You would be pretty surprised at some of the amounts of cash that people have been able to save just by taking a look at some of the other policies available to them, so try not to miss out on the savings that could be coming your way.

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How the New Tax Laws Affect Your Contributions

There will most likely be a new set of tax laws put into place next year that will put a cap on how much can be written off with charitable contributions. Even though these new laws have not yet been decided upon, knowing what may be in store in the near future is important. Watching political reports on a daily basis will provide some insight on what both parties may agree upon before the end of the fiscal year. Making any decisions regarding next year’s charitable contributions would be premature at this point.

Getting a Read the rest of this entry »

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What You Should Know About Domestic Faith-Based Charities

As the holiday season rolls around for many of the world’s major religions, the giving spirit infects the population of the United States. Faith-based charities report the largest period of donations as Chanukah and Christmas seasons hit. These charities use these donations to help those less fortunate, to promote their religion across the globe, or to educate their communities.

Many domestic faith-based charities are tax exempt, which allows people donating to deduct their contributions to the charity from their own taxes. Many Read the rest of this entry »

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More Than Money: Other Ways to Contribute to Charities

The fact that charities need money to operate is not a secret. Even charities that operate mostly with volunteers require cash to fulfill their missions. There are ways, though, to contribute to charities even if you do not have money to donate.

One of the best ways to help a charity is to volunteer your time and expertise. Volunteers are very important to charitable organizations. No matter what you specialize in, the charity of your Read the rest of this entry »

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Pass the Offering Plate: How Neighborhood Churches Reach Out

The church is a wonderful place to learn more about one’s religion and fellowship with like-minded people. Churches also do a lot for the communities. Part of the offering that is collected goes to assist families in need. Most churches today go on mission trips, and the offering pays for all or part of the expenses of these mission trips. Going on mission trips not only gives people the chance to help others who are in financial need, but people who go on mission trips also get the chance to help those who have spiritual needs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tis The Season (Or Not): Donating After the Holidays

The holidays are here, and many people spend this time giving items to people who are less fortunate. Giving during the holidays is great, but it is important to remember that people still need things after the holidays are gone. If people would give more throughout the year, then those who are needy would be suffering less. That is why you should consider donating after the holidays. If you donate to needy individuals and families after the holidays, then you will Read the rest of this entry »

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